Cuvèe dei Frati

Dosaggio Zero

The results obtained by this Cuvée are truly surprising. Our grapes, so rich in fixed acidity, made us think of production by the classic method in line with those of the best Italian companies in the production of sparkling wine. We added 10% Chardonnay to the Turbiana to round off the youthful exuberance of the native vine. After a veriod on the lees in the bottle lasting at least 24 months, the sparking wine comes to life with great elegance. A fine continuous perlage, it appears to us in the glass as a golden yellow colour with green highlights. Fragrant to the nose, with hints of biscuits and hazelnut, hay and seasoned tobacco. The silky and creamy carbonate makes room for the acidity to stimulate salivation. Perfect as an aperitif but also able to display all the versatility of the classic method when accompanying meals. Excellent with freshwater fish, during the entire libation, with poultry, cold white meats and summer salads. Combines successfully with a quality Parmesan cheese.

Technical data

Vines used: Turbiana and Chardonnay
Soil composition: limestone – clay
Cultivation system: Simple and double Guyot
Vinification type: direct pressing of the grapes with fermentation partly in steel
Malolactic fermentation: Not carried out
Refinement and development: about 36 months on the lees, followed by 4 months in the bottle after disgorging
Alcohol content: 13%
Total acidity: 6.70 g/L
Volatile acidity: 0.38 g/L
pH: 3.12
Dry extract: 20.2 g/L