Pietro Dal cero

Grappa da vinaccia di Amarone

The spirit, the essence, the fruit of distillation; from the soft noble marc of the rich grape that gave life to the Amarone, from which it takes the harmony of the aromas and the persuasiveness of the taste. Soft, encompassing, elegant and refined with hints of chestnut honey, dried prunes and liquorice, the result of paintstaking, scrupulous distillation. With a full, decisive flavour, just like the grapes from the land of Valpolicella that bring to the distillate the unique properties of softness, elegance, richness and the concentration from the withering on trays. A distillation method based on the slow passage at low temperature through copper stills that is able to transfer everything to the glass that was obtained with so much effort in the vineyard. To be enjoyed with biscuits and dry fruit, pralines, cooked fruit, especially prunes. It’s perfect also at the end of the meal.

Technical data

Varieties of marc: Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella
Distillation method: discontinuous
Type of still: small copper boilers
Distillation temperature: 110° in water vapour
Alcohol content: 43%
Refinement: in the barriques used for Amarone
Ageing: a minimum of 24 months